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Porta Nova restaurant

Among the Restaurants in Ostuni, Porta Nova stands for its vocation to high-quality fish cuisine, as it represents the ideal connection with the nearby "terroir". The Restaurant is deeply tied to the excellent ingredients offered by Puglia region, but nonetheless capable of reimagining the local cuisine witho an international style.

Porta Nova is, thanks to its location and furnishing, a gem of a beauty: set on a breathtaking view terrace inside a XVth Century Aragonese donjon, the restaurant offers a lovely view on the olive trees valley and onto the Ostuni shore.

Run by Tonino Ciaccia since its opening in 1989, Porta Nova is a fine restaurant, suitable for those looking for the top of the local cuisine, a suggestive and romantic place, where the Guest/Gourmet can taste the unique sea food flavors offered by Householder, and the superb wines of the winery, with the most important local and national brands.









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